A New Year

John Frank

As I sit on my plane, waiting for Delta to fix yet another technical issue (thanks Delta, seriously), I can't help but look back on how 2016 went for John and myself with getting Midwest Clothing off the ground. It was a year of trial and error, rapid growth and more learning experiences than I can count. We took this seemingly simply concept of running a business and said to ourselves "Why not us? We can do that!" and hit the ground running. 

We started off small with a few casual apparel items and began branching out. Starting with shirts and some beanies, moving into custom goggle straps and then finding our niche in old school headbands with some new school flare. Following the success of the headbands we began to work with top level pro players with the likes of Ronnie Dizon, Carl Markowski and Corey Field and began to create pro team and pro player Signature Series items. These Signature Series items began the explosion in exposure and brand recognition we were looking for and almost overnight we were becoming the "go-to" for custom headgear and apparel for teams that wanted something different instead of the same old boring gear that every other player at the field has. 

With 2017 we have set our sights on expanding our product offerings and working with more established vendors to keep as much of our production stateside as possible instead of taking the cheap way out and using vendors overseas that just rip off other company's products. We believe that it's more important to keep support within the paintball community, rather than trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of each sale. 

Last, but certainly not least, there are a few people that need special thanks for helping us get to where we're at. Todd Martinez, Josh Allen, Carlos "Bigg Los" Sanchez and all the other dudes at Raza Paintball, you've been instrumental in helping us expand our product catalog and helping us find new customers. Nolan Stoer at Exalt Paintball you've slowed us to carry high demand products that we just can't make on our own. Will Lowry and James Cowart for helping pick up the design work slack when I just can't get to it, you dudes have taken more off my plate then you'll ever realize. Finally the most important of all, our customers and sponsored teams, we truly would not be where we are without you. Thank you all for the support and putting your faith in us. If you think 2016 was good, just wait til you see what's in store for 2017.

- Aaron